What is a landing page, and what purpose does it serve in helping me grow my online presence? How do I build great landing pages that set me apart from my competition?


These are all questions we’ve heard from both new clients, and veteran clients alike. For many new businesses, it seems like the idea behind the ‘Landing Page’ Phenomenon is a new one, but it really isn’t.  Think of it this way. Say you have a website where you’re selling premium fake moustaches , and you have an incredible blog that is engaging, funny, and highly relatable to your audience. You have a consistently large number of visitors to your sites, but your products simply aren’t selling.   Obviously, this isn’t what you want to have happen.  Don’t get me wrong, having people explore your website is great, but it won’t get you sales on your product. For that, you will need to build  great landing pages.


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This is where the Landing Page comes in.  For those of you that don’t know what a landing page is, it’s actually pretty straightforward. A Landing Page is a one page website with the sole purpose of converting customers into qualified leads along your sales pipeline. Essentially, it’s an effective marketing strategy to promote sales .  Sounds simple enough right? Well, it turns out lots of companies, and individuals, are actually pushing out landing pages that are only getting a handful of visits a month. Or are getting plenty of clicks but with no conversions to show for it.



How to build great landing pages

So you’re probably asking yourself:



How do I make my Landing Page work for me?

Luckily, you’re not alone. One mistake that people often make when trying to build  great landing pages is turning them into an exact copy of their main website home page. This is a classic rookie error as a great landing page is designed to stand alone. So, no links back to your website, no blog posts or new updates, no global navigation menus… NOTHING but a Call-To-Action (CTA) right at the top.  Click here  to check out some of the most effective CTAs on the internet.

Now, when you consider the type of CTA to use, you’ll want to consider your ultimate goal. Do you want to capture leads for your marketing/sales pipeline, or do you want push your potential clients to a quick sale?


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If you’re interested in the pipeline approach, you’ll want a simple, straight-to-the-point Lead Generation form that simply asks for a name and email address. Technically, you can add more fields depending on the nature of the landing page,but sometimes less is more. Once you’ve collected the lead, they can be managed through your marketing pipeline.


However, if you are looking for a few quick sales, maybe for an ecommerce site or what-have-you, you can design a Click Through CTA. The idea behind these is to build great landing pages that provide excerpt product details and descriptions, along with a quick link – usually in the header area – which offers the option to simply add a product to your ‘shopping cart’.  You’ll notice that lots of big name companies are using this feature to quickly sell items like tablets, game consoles and wearable gadgets.


Now, the final piece to the successful Landing Page puzzle is the integration of Pay-Per-Click ads. The BIG one being – you guessed it – Google Ads.


As you may already know, Google Ads essentially provides you with a means to appear as a top search in Google, without SEO optimization (organic search ranking). The only catch is that it can be pretty expensive, depending on your key word’s current popularity and the strength of keywords on your Landing Page.  If you’re using common keywords that are shared with other rival companies, there is a chance that you’ll have to bid more per click to gain that top spot. Other times, you might get lucky and bid at a really low rate per click. In any regard, you’ll want to make sure that your Ad strongly describes what your services are, and reflects what you’re selling on your landing page.


To Recap: a Landing Page is a one page website with the sole purpose of converting visitors into qualified leads (potential clients).


You’ll want to add CTA’s at the very beginning of your Landing Page so that your visitors can easily convert without any fuss.  You’ll also want to base the content/CTAs of your landing page on either lead generation – for your marketing/sales pipeline – or make a quick sale on a flagship item. Finally, you’ll want to make sure that you’re using an effective medium to get people to your landing pages. The best mediums out there these days are through Pay-Per-Click ads like those on social media sites, or through Google Ads.