As Social Media and digital consumerism continue to grow, the old ways of marketing will continue to decline; and will eventually become obsolete. It’s time to figure out why your current marketing strategy isn’t working.

If you’re investing your time and money into emailed print, TV, radio, banner ads, newspaper ads or even cold calls, you’re probably generating little to no leads at all. That’s simply due to the decline in consumer behavior. People will use their smart phones, or computers go online and view what they want, when they want. It’s time for you to shift gear and GO WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE!

Why Outbound doesn’t work anymore

Unfortunately, most businesses are still using disruptive and outdated outbound marketing strategies and seeing no returns on their investment. They often end up shaking their heads not understanding how they are falling to gain traction when they are literally on every non-internet avenue.

The reason these techniques are failing is largely due to CHOICE.  Most of us grew up watching standard cable TV or listen to the radio where we were at the mercy of radio or television ads. Today, people have the ability to choose what they’re exposed to now. Nowadays, people can skip through or completely avoid commercials altogether with DVR and streaming services like Netflix.

On the radio front, satellite radio and digital music have almost completely replaced standard local radio. When was the last time you sat in a car to listen to the local radio instead of plugging in your iPhone to listen to your Spotify or apple music account? I’d venture to say that hasn’t happened in a while.


What you should avoid

Print mail and mailed flyers are probably the least effective marketing tactics. They are also one of the most common outbound marketing techniques used today. The sad truth is that it’s expensive and will cost thousands while bringing in few leads. Close to 50% of the people that receive these mailed flyers will never actually even open them.

Billboard posts are one of the least effective outbound marketing techniques still being use. They are ridiculously expensive and are guaranteed to be ignored. Most people who are on the road are either busy focusing on the road if they are the driver, or looking at their phones if they are passengers.  You’re most likely going to be seeing a negative return-on-investment from the start.

In the past, companies would buy unsolicited mailing lists and randomly begin sending mass email blasts to unsuspecting people.  This is one of the most disruptive, ineffective marketing techniques out there. It’s also very illegal. Several countries have enforced anti-spam laws that penalize companies that send unsolicited emails. In fact, companies that violate these policies can be subjected to significant fines.

Banner Ads are still disruptive

Although many people may consider banner ads an inbound marketing strategy, the fact is that they are still disruptive and are often times blocked by browser ad blockers or antivirus software. Studies have also shown that ads are often times ignored as the brains of users have been trained to ignore ads placed on the right side of the screen known as banner blindness.

Outbound marketing is an invasive, interruptive fashion really has no place in the digital age. With the abundance of choice and the influence of social media and Google, the practice of cold calls, unsolicited emails branding mail and other out dated advertising methods simply have no place in your marketing strategy.