What are Backlinks?

When it comes to inbound marketing techniques for increasing your SEO ranking, one of the most powerful tools is backlink building. As the name suggests, backlinks are links from one webpage to another. Specifically, backlinks are any links from external websites that when clicked, would navigate to your site.


How Backlinks Work

Up until recently, backlinks have been considered the main factor for high ranking of a website among search engines.  This was initially even true for websites that had links from unqualified websites or even spam websites. In recent years however, this has changed to better reflect quality over quantity.  All this means is that 20 backlinks from qualified trusted will ultimately boost your ranking status in comparison to 100’s of backlinks from spam sites.

Why its important to have Backlinks

Backlinks are probably the most simple way to boost your SEO while building relationships with various same-minded organizations. Here are a few in depth benefits of a strong backlink structure:

  1. SEO is greatly improved as you continue to build links from other high quality, authoritative sites. By creating links to blog posts or relevant pages, you should be able to notice a steady boost in ranking.
  2. Search Engine Relatability is often seen when you have strong backlinks. Simply put this is the ability of search engines to find links to your website when their bots crawl websites that link to your business site. The result of this is that your site will often times come up in a search for whatever site that links to your website.
  3. The online reputation of your website and business will also increase. Much like in real life, having several reputable businesses associating with you will help to boost individuals trust in your products and services.

Pointers for Success

It’s so important to ensure that you are building Whitehat backlinks. In fact a recent article by Moz showed that there’s a relationship between quality backlinks and Google search rankings. Below are some tips to ensure that you are using the best quality links:

  1. The most important step is to have good quality backlinks from reputable sites and organizations. You’ll also want to make sure that the sites you’re linking from are relevant to the content of your webpage or post.
  2. Anchor Text done properly is very useful in your ranking growth as Google will look for natural links.
  3. Ensure that you are producing content that is rich in data pertaining to the topics that your visitors are actually expecting to see.
  4. Avoid Spammy Backlinks as they will hurt your ranking performance significantly. Google’s algorithm has been updated to penalize the use of spammy backlinks in such a way that the longer they are present, the more difficult it is to recover your ranking.
  5. Avoid promotional backlinks to your website’s homepage

Getting Started on Building High Quality Backlinks

To get started on boosting your backlink game, I would suggest doing a bit more research to determine what sorts of backlinks work best for your business, then would begin building relevant content and requesting it to be linked on authoritative sites.  Within a few months, you should start to see if it is working.